Voluntary Benefits: The Importance of Communication

Posted by Clint Reynolds on July 20, 2017

Voluntary benefits can be complicated. And presenting it to your employees can even be more complicating. You have to somehow explain complex information in a simple way that employees can really understand. That is why communication is so important and plays a huge role when it comes to voluntary benefits and your employees.

GA Blog 12- Communication.jpgEspecially around open enrollment time, it can be difficult to relay all of the information to employees and their families. Some challenges include connect with remote workers, reaching out to family members that make primary decisions and dealing with all demographics, ages and income levels. And all of this is done with limited resources and a low budget.

Of course, this is an ongoing journey that happens year-round, not just during open enrollment. But there are things you can do to improve your communication with employees and boost interaction to drive enrollment and engagement.

  1. Define Your Goals

Start by outlining what you want to achieve this year and how communication can help you reach those goals. Always measure your achievements to see what did and did not work. Take the time to celebrate any successes, but also take the time to learn about what went wrong and continue to build on that by brainstorming and coming up with new strategies to achieve your goals. Usually this comes down to communication, so try to focus on ways to reach your goals with better and more effective communication to employees.

  1. Use Technology

Technology has made great improvements when it comes to employees and voluntary benefits. Make sure to take advantage of this because technology is an ideal way to amplify what you want to get across, but at a low cost. Educational webinars and recorded sessions are something that should always be offered. This gives employees the ability to watch at their convenience. Use text messaging, emails and social media to interact with employees and to provide them with research.

  1. Be Creative

Creativity is excellent when it comes to communication with employees about voluntary benefits. This topic isn’t very exciting, but you can add your creative ideas to help boost interest. If something isn’t working, then change the plan up! Coming up with different ways to grab your employees’ attention will help to boost communication and engagement. Offering fun ways to explains benefits like themed coffee breaks or themed luncheons is a great start. Also, consider small giveaways from vendors. Giving away prizes and surprises to employees will create a buzz and start conversations!

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