HR Departments Expand Focus on Voluntary Benefits

Posted by Clint Reynolds on June 27, 2017

With the rise in healthcare costs along with the stiff competition among recruiting the top talent, employers are looking at offering more voluntary benefits, especially to aide in employees’ personal needs.

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Complex T&Cs are Hurting Your Consumer Engagement From the Start

Posted by Josh Steinhaus on May 23, 2017

Only 7% of employees actually read the Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) of their benefits policy and I am in the 93% who doesn’t. I’ve been in the employee benefits and insurance industry for years and I still don’t like to read my benefit policy. I know terms and conditions are a necessary part of a employee benefits enrollment, yet why is this one of the first ways that an employee interacts with their benefit company?

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Obstacles to Full US Market Penetration for Pet Insurance Providers

Posted by Josh Steinhaus on May 12, 2017

The pet insurance industry is worth over $863 million in revenue for 2017 with expectations to grow 12.9% by 2019. Over 60% of Americans own a dog and 68% of Americans own at least one pet. Even as pet ownership is at an all-time high for the United States, pet insurance penetration rate is less than 1%. Compared to countries like Sweden with a 60% penetration rate or England with a 40% penetration rate, the US industry is still immature . Why is the US lagging behind other nations in pet insurance coverage and what can benefit providers do about it ?
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Initial Impressions from Dig-In: The Digital Future of Insurance

Posted by Scott Timms on May 10, 2017


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3 Ways to Market Disability Insurance that Most Everyone Misses

Posted by Gracie Arnold on February 9, 2017

In the world of content marketing, it can be a challenge to be unique and engaging. It’s important to experiment with new ideas to engage your potential customers to avoid being more of the same. We love to experiment. In creating new engagement campaigns for our clients, we have discovered a few creative ways to produce content.  Here are 3 ways to market disability insurance most everyone misses.

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How Millennial Engagement Is Shaking Up the Insurance Industry

Posted by Genius Avenue on June 6, 2016

Ask a consumer about their insurance policies and you’re unlikely to conjure up warm and fuzzy feelings. That’s because the traditional view of insurance is unexciting and largely transactional in nature. Customers realize the utility of having good insurance in place, but it’s seen as little more than another bill to pay each month. But that is changing.

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3 Game-Changing Opportunities for Brokers to Multiply Their Customer Base

Posted by Genius Avenue on June 1, 2016

According to a recent BenefitsPro article, the implementation of the Affordable Care Act has ushered in a period where the marketplace has become the de facto method of insurance shopping for small business owners.

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How Silicon Valley Is Trying to Disrupt the Insurance Industry

Posted by Genius Avenue on April 12, 2016

There's a lot of tech know-how looking to disrupt the insurance industry. Image via Michael McDonnell.
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