Top Employee Benefits with a Purpose

Posted by Clint Reynolds on June 23, 2017

With employee benefits expanding, companies are offering more and more trendy perks to employees. Some of these perks are just to make for a fun workplace (like ping pong tables and free snacks), but some perks are more valuable than others.

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How Technology is Impacting Benefits

Posted by Clint Reynolds on June 21, 2017

Technology is constantly changing and at a rapid rate. With the advancement of technology comes new features and tools to help engage with your employees. The potential opportunities and solutions that advanced technology offers to employees is endless and many companies are taking note.

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The Benefits Millennials Are Really Looking For

Posted by Clint Reynolds on June 16, 2017

Millennials have changed a lot of things when it comes to the workplace, one of them being benefits. More companies are offering snazzy benefits like dog friendly offices, offices decorated with the latest trends, on-site cafes, free snacks, student loan repayment programs and even improved leave policies.

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Turn Your Product Into An Employee Benefit: Top 5 Considerations For Vendor Partner Selection

Posted by Clint Reynolds on June 15, 2017

As consumer product organizations look to capitalize on revenue opportunities in the employer market, it has become increasingly important to find a strong benefits and technology company to help guide them into this new territory. Success can often hinge on having the "right" partner—one that is familiar with all the intricacies of the target industry. If your company is planning on entering the employer market, here are the top 5 items to consider when selecting a strategic partner.

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Genius Avenue Article was Published in BenefitsPro

Posted by Gracie Arnold on June 8, 2017

Genius Avenue has been published in a leading benefits digital magazine, BenefitsPro. Lars Thording, former Chief Engagement Officer, wrote this article to showcase Genius Avenue’s expertise in benefits engagement and retention products. This article is titled, “The consumer engagement model is poised to shake up the benefits industry.”

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Complex T&Cs are Hurting Your Consumer Engagement From the Start

Posted by Josh Steinhaus on May 23, 2017

Only 7% of employees actually read the Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) of their benefits policy and I am in the 93% who doesn’t. I’ve been in the employee benefits and insurance industry for years and I still don’t like to read my benefit policy. I know terms and conditions are a necessary part of a employee benefits enrollment, yet why is this one of the first ways that an employee interacts with their benefit company?

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Obstacles to Full US Market Penetration for Pet Insurance Providers

Posted by Josh Steinhaus on May 12, 2017

The pet insurance industry is worth over $863 million in revenue for 2017 with expectations to grow 12.9% by 2019. Over 60% of Americans own a dog and 68% of Americans own at least one pet. Even as pet ownership is at an all-time high for the United States, pet insurance penetration rate is less than 1%. Compared to countries like Sweden with a 60% penetration rate or England with a 40% penetration rate, the US industry is still immature . Why is the US lagging behind other nations in pet insurance coverage and what can benefit providers do about it ?
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Initial Impressions from Dig-In: The Digital Future of Insurance

Posted by Scott Timms on May 10, 2017


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How to Create a Successful Multi-Channel Engagement Campaign for the Benefits Industry

Posted by Gracie Arnold on May 8, 2017

If your organization is not actively investing in customer retention, you are leaving money on
the table.  As we have met with clients and visited conferences, a trend has become clear. Most benefit providers and associations are primarily investing in enrolling new members. Yet, in our research, value from members comes from retaining them, not initially acquiring them . Engaging and retaining members has become the competitive advantage of the year.  
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The Latest from the Hill Country Classic

Posted by Joe Martocci on May 2, 2017

Last week, representatives from the Genius Avenue team got the opportunity to attend the Hill Country Classic tournament in Austin, TX. Mike Groeger, Joe Martocci, Amanda Mullet, and Josh Steinhaus all attended and really enjoyed the experience.

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