Thoughts from the ICMG Conference 2017

Posted by Lars Thording on February 13, 2017

The Genius Avenue Team has spent the last two days at the Inter-Company Marketing Group’s annual conference in Orlando, Florida. Three observations from the conference:

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3 Ways to Market Disability Insurance that Most Everyone Misses

Posted by Gracie Arnold on February 9, 2017

In the world of content marketing, it can be a challenge to be unique and engaging. It’s important to experiment with new ideas to engage your potential customers to avoid being more of the same. We love to experiment. In creating new engagement campaigns for our clients, we have discovered a few creative ways to produce content.  Here are 3 ways to market disability insurance most everyone misses.

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Genius Avenue Has Moved!

Posted by Gracie Arnold on January 30, 2017

Due to the explosive growth of our business, we've outgrown our Kierland office and have moved to a new location! Genius Avenue is aggressively investing in technology, business intelligence, IT development, and consumer research staff. Because of this, we needed more space! 

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5 Ways to Increase Association Member Engagement in 2017

Posted by Gracie Arnold on January 27, 2017

Last year, only 24% of associations reported an increase to their renewal rates. 44% of associations reported no change to renewal rates since last year. The top reason members don't renew their membership is a lack of engagement. Associations who improve their member engagement are more likely to have higher renewal rates . Higher renewal rates helps in optimizing each members' lifetime value.
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The Ageless Millennial & Benefit Marketing Strategy

Posted by Genius Avenue on December 5, 2016

The Millennial consumer has been described as an individual born during the last two decades before the turn of the Millennium, who approach shopping, information gathering and consumptions in a way that is markedly different from preceding consumer cohorts such as Baby Boomers and GenX’ers. As a consumer culture, the Millennial has challenged marketers and manufacturers in fundamental ways that are now driving massive changes across markets—including in the insurance and benefits market.

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3 Challenges Keeping Brokers from the Voluntary Benefits Goldmine

Posted by Genius Avenue on June 29, 2016

Despite the rise of voluntary benefits, few brokers are participating in the opportunity to sell these products to employers.
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People Still Overestimate the Cost of Life Insurance - Some by 213%!

Posted by Genius Avenue on June 22, 2016

According to LIMRA, the “coverage gap”—total of life insurance needs minus life insurance in-force—is currently at $16 trillion. This is an increase of a whopping $1 trillion since 2013.

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Employee Ownership of at Least One Voluntary Product Is Up

Posted by Genius Avenue on June 15, 2016

Employee ownership of at least one voluntary product grew to 41 percent in 2015. This was an increase from 37 percent in 2013, according to data from Eastridge Consulting Group's newest report on employee attitudes toward benefits. The study, as reported by BusinessWire, claimed the increase appears to stem from ownership primarily in the 10-100 sized employer group.

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Why Brokers Should Love Digital

Posted by Genius Avenue on June 8, 2016

Technology is playing a hugely significant – some might say disruptive – role in yet another key function across the insurance industry: distribution. 

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How Millennial Engagement Is Shaking Up the Insurance Industry

Posted by Genius Avenue on June 6, 2016

Ask a consumer about their insurance policies and you’re unlikely to conjure up warm and fuzzy feelings. That’s because the traditional view of insurance is unexciting and largely transactional in nature. Customers realize the utility of having good insurance in place, but it’s seen as little more than another bill to pay each month. But that is changing.

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