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Posted by Clint Reynolds on July 25, 2017

Offering unique benefits doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, most benefits that help attract and retain top talent are affordable. Employees and HR experts from around the country has shared some of their ideas for the best low-cost employee benefits.

Ga BLog #13.jpgSome benefits can really improve employee productivity. Flextime allows the employee to work flexible schedules that best suit their needs. This has shown to improve retention and create happier employees due to their improvement in work life balance. Telecommuting is another benefit that has the same advantages as flextime and gives employees the chance to work from home and work during their most effective time of the day. Summer hours is another way to increase employee productivity. Employees tend to work harder when they are awarded with the opportunity to leave the office on those sunny Fridays.

Employees can be in track of their own hours by being offered paid time off. This includes offering maternity and paternity leave to expecting parents. With paid time off, employees can use their PTO anyway they would like. Some companies have even stopped tracking PTO and also allow generous vacation times, up to a few weeks!

Certain benefits can also increase employee engagement. Onsite wellness benefits like gyms, fitness classes and flu-shots give employees the chance to mingle with coworkers and save time by not needing to commute to doctors’ offices and gyms. Including showers onsite is also a benefit that many employees take advantage of, especially after hitting the onsite gym.

Technology and equipment can supply a couple of different benefits to employees. Giving employees the best technology and equipment to do their job will help with their efficiency. Plus, who doesn’t love working with technology that makes your job easier? Employees also appreciate when they are allowed to use office equipment, like printers and copy machines, for personal use.

Low-cost employee benefits can be fun too! Increase engagement and communication with fun company outings like playing laser tag or going bowling. Also, offering areas where employees can relax like a room with couches and televisions or even a library filled with books and computers is welcomed by many employees. Some companies even offer free 15-minute chair massages during breaks.

One of the most affordable benefits that leads to a more relaxing environment is allowing the office to be dog friendly. Dogs can ease a lot of tension and bring happiness all around. As long as there are rules and protocols, this can be a benefit that is easy to offer, but greatly appreciated.

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