#DSPHX Digital Summit in Review: Genius Avenue Team

Posted by Gracie Arnold on February 24, 2017

To stay up-to-date on industry best practices in acquisition, engagement and marketing, the Genius Avenue marketing team participated in Phoenix’s Digital Summit 2017. While it was hard not to have fun, the team was all business in learning how to use the latest trends to engage with consumers. Here’s what each of our creative team members thought about the event:

Scott Timms, Director of Marketing

Favorite session of the event:

“I liked the one about brand purpose. (“Evolve to Survive: How Purpose and Authenticity is theA presentation at Digital Summit 2017 Future of Brands” by Mack Fogelson from Genuinely). I’ve been preaching about that my whole career. It has evolved with different words, but it’s still the same concept. And that concept is the deeper, higher meaning of an organization drives the brand. I’ve called it desired brand perceptions. But call it brand perceptions or brand purpose the outcome is the same. The presenter used an example I’ve thought about a lot. When Chipotle went through all their problems the last few years I knew in the long run, it wasn’t going to matter. Their brand was strong enough—authentic enough—to overcome those problems. If it had happened to a weaker brand , they wouldn’t have been able to withstand it. Yes, the summit threw around scads of buzz words like “automated segmentation” and my hand literally cramped up as I wrote it down, so it was gratifying to hear that brand purpose still matters”

Clint Reynolds, Marketing and Technology Consultant

Favorite session of the event:

“My favorite session was a tie between the Frankenpage and Future of SEO. (“Frankenpage: Using A Million Little Pieces of Data to Reverse Engineer the Perfect Landing Page” by Oli Gardner from Unbounce and “Futureproofing your SEO” by Mike King from iPullRank). Within the last 6 months, one of the things that amazed me was the accelerated need for mobile search optimization and mobile search volume. It was a phenomenal show.”

Clint and Gracie with Oli GardnerOne thing you would have liked to explore more:

“I wish there was a little more tactical how-to’s in some sessions. Some sessions were fine conceptually but give me more. There were some sessions that suggested free tools that I’m not currently using. I stayed up last night thinking about them. Some left me wanting so much more. There was a link-building session I could have listened to for hours. (“LINKS: The Most Important SEO Factor: How to Get and Measure Them” by Jim Boykin from Internet Marketing Ninjas).”

Anything else?

“I really enjoyed visiting with Internet Marketing Ninjas and I’ve looking forward to seeing their new product. It was fun to meet with other ‘geniuses’ (or is it ‘geniusi’ like octopi?) at the conference.”

Andrea Wallace, Digital Designer

One thing you learned during the event:

“It was great getting validation that we are on the right track and learning where we can expand and grow. It was also fun to see someone with a similar name to us. Genius Monkey was there. Geniuses unite!”

Favorite session from the event:

“My fav session was the pre-conference training. (“Make Email Great Again – With an Actual Gracie and Andrea at Digital SummitPlan On How to Do That” by Michael Barber from barber&hewitt). The session went through what felt like every detail you wanted to know about email marketing. I liked how there was more training in this session where some of the others were more of an overview of basic topics. The pre-conference felt like a college class.”

Anything else?

"Being a VIP attendee was awesome! I took advantage of the VIP lounge and free massage."

Lars Thording, Chief Engagement Officer

Favorite session from the event:

Genius Avenue team at Digital Summit 2017The coolest session for me was by a lady from Ideas Collide. (“The Future of Marketing is Engaging Non-Fiction,” by Rebecca Clyde from Ideas Collide). It blew my mind. She talked about new developments in search engine optimization and online behaviors. Did you know that the first [internet] browser was launched in 1994? That was a revolution. We are standing in front of a bigger revolution: the bot. The days of driving by a Macy’s, seeing a dress in the window, and looking it up on Macys.com when we get home are gone. We don’t do that anymore. We pull out our bot. It blew my mind! …I’ve become a believer in non-human digital dialogue.”

What stood out to you about Genius Avenue while you were there?

“I went to another session presented by a woman from Geniunely that stressed authenticity. (“Evolve to Survive: How Purpose and Authenticity is the Future of Brands” by Mack Fogelson). She spoke about how a purpose-driven organization must have an idea and an ideal. Those with both have higher growth and higher revenue than those without a great idea and a great ideal. At Genius Avenue, we have a great idea: our technology and engagement strategies. And we have a great ideal: to empower the benefits consumer. Encouraging that we are already doing that...We will definitely be back next year [for another Digital Summit conference]!”

Gracie Arnold, Digital Marketing Manager

One thing you learned during the event:

“During the event, the main thing I felt was validation. Most of what was discussed, Genius Avenue has already explored and working to implement. One thing that I wanted to explore more from the conference was video content and vocal search. Even though I don’t usually talk directly to my phone (I don’t make a habit of talking to inanimate objects), doesn’t mean that searchers aren’t using vocal search. Google is King. Don’t make Google mad.”

20170223_133713[1].jpgOne thing you would have liked to see more of:

“I really enjoyed listening to Steve Wozniak. His message of optimism and happiness was contagious. I could have listened to more of his prank stories.”


 Thanks for having us at the Digital Summit 2017!

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