6 Steps to Better Benefit Enrollment and Administration [Infographic]

Posted by Genius Avenue on September 15, 2015

If you’re a benefit provider, carrier, or program manager, you want a simple benefit enrollment experience for your customers. You also want your benefit administration to be streamlined and error-free. Here are some tips to help you analyze and improve those processes.

Evaluate your current or planned online enrollment process

Enrollment in benefits can be confusing and time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be. The easier the process, the more likely users will enroll in your benefits.

1. Website
To create a positive customer experience, your enrollment website should contain information about all available benefits, rather than forcing users to visit other sites for plan details. Personalize the experience a step further by providing information based on eligibility.

2. Analytics
Review your website analytics on a regular basis to better understand when and where users are leaving your website. This helps determine how to improve the experience.

Evaluate your benefit administration process

Administering benefits can be tricky—especially if you’re offering plans from various carriers.

3. Testing
To reduce errors, test your administrative system before allowing your customers to enroll. While this step may seem obvious, it’s crucial to identify what needs to be fixed or improved to avoid the need to update enrollment records later.

4. Automation
Routine, repetitive paperwork may also be part of your current process. If not managed well, it can lead to costly errors. Plus, it can be time-consuming. Consider automating manual tasks to speed up the process and lower the risk for errors.

5. Staffing
Assess the number of people and hours needed to manage your benefits. Knowing whether your staff is overburdened with tedious administrative tasks, or if you’re spending unnecessary extra costs on internal processes, can also help you decide if automation is a better solution.

Consider outsourcing

After evaluating your enrollment and administration process, you may find gaps. If you cannot fill these gaps internally, consider utilizing a third-party that specializes in benefit enrollment and administration.

6. Partner
An outsource partner can create a positive enrollment experience for your customers, eliminate back-office paperwork, streamline internal flow, and free up staff to work on other projects. Plus, it can give your business more flexibility to work with multiple carriers and/or brokers to offer the best plans and rates.

Genius Avenue specializes in customized benefit enrollment and administration. We help benefit providers, insurance carriers, and program managers launch new benefits, products, and programs, or enter new channels with existing ones.





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