Offering Benefits to Part-Time and Non-Benefit-Eligible Employees (Infographic)

Posted by Genius Avenue on December 16, 2014

Strengthening the Workforce: The Importance of Offering Benefits to Part-Timers

Improve Engagement and Recruiting

With 63% of employees rating benefits as an important factor when comparing job offers from two separate companies, it’s easy to see why offering a strong benefits package is crucial to employee recruiting and engagement.

      There were 7.3 million part-timers in August 2014. Differentiate your business and attract top part-time talent by offering benefits.

      Companies with engaged employees can outperform those with disengaged employees by up to 202%.

      Companies with engaged employees see 2.5 times more revenues vs. competitors with low engagement levels.

      Engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their companies than their disengaged counterparts.

Why Private Exchanges are Better Than the Public Option

Rather than sending employees to a confusing public exchange to fend for themselves, consider providing a branded, private exchange.

      The federal exchange’s subsidy-eligible insurance plans

      Public: Difficult enrollment, plan confusion, crashes

      Private: Easy-to-use platform that won’t crash the way did

      Benefit counselors

      Public: High call volumes lead to long wait times

      Private: Licensed and available to answer questions, help employees enroll and personally vetted by the exchange provider and employers.

      Voluntary benefits

      Public: No

      Private: Yes, and employers can choose which benefits they’d like to add, including ID theft protection, telemedicine, health screenings and more.

      Engagement email marketing

      Public: No

      Private: Yes, allowing employers to better communicate the benefits and savings on their exchange and build stronger relationships with employees.

Learn more about offering an individual private exchange to part-time and non-benefit-eligible employees at



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