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Posted by Clint Reynolds on July 18, 2017

It is reported that 1 in 5 adults suffer from a mental health condition, which is about 40 million adults. Companies are starting to take note that they need to think about more than just physical wellness, but all also consider an employee’s mental well-being.

GA Blog 11 - Benefits.jpgOffering diverse benefits to improve an employee’s well-being is becoming a popular trend. Mental health in the workplace is something that can’t be ignored because it can make a costly and negative impact on not just the employee, but the employer.

Without proper support, employees with mental health conditions can become disengaged and unproductive. Plus, this could cause employees to miss a lot of work. Implementing an employee assistance program to promote physical, mental and emotional well-being for employees can help.

There are many stigmas surrounding mental health, which has led employees to ignoring mental health conditions in the workplace. If companies can start breaking down the stigmas that surround mental health, ignoring the issue will be avoided. It is encouraged to talk openly about any programs offered so employees can know about them and feel comfortable using them. More diverse coverages are starting to be offered among employees, like stress management programs, coverage for mental health services and counseling. These are all benefits that employees should take full advantage of. Mental health awareness campaigns can help encourage employees to use these non-traditional benefits.

There is a lot of confusion and concerns when it comes to health insurance. In fact, it is reported that only 19 percent of employees have a full understanding of their health insurance and benefits. This isn’t surprising since healthcare is a very complex issue. This is why communication is so important. Employees need to understand the benefits offered so they can make informed decisions about enrollment services.

But, giving employees a bunch of packets with information isn’t good enough. Around 80 percent of employers feel that their employees do not fully read the information provided to them. This is where companies need to be creative with their communication. Offering interactive education materials and giving employees the tools to do their own research will help. Employees that conduct their own research will be able to understand and retain the information better. Encouraging employees to do their own research by giving away prizes and rewards will help employees better understand their benefits.

Employees that know and understand what benefits are offered are more likely to feel appreciated. When companies offer coverage outside the traditional benefits, then employees will have the right resources to be productive and engaging at work.

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